Intuition is an important factor in human life.  I do wish to discuss about this a little bit.  The intuition in one understood by oneself is rare.  My emphasis is to bring it to the searching light and give it a platform to enact a full play.  The compassion within a human being is not visible to others. The synchronization of the parts of the human body needs no explanation. When a man experiences in his mind a pain in his leg, that feeling of pain gives rise to tears in his eyes. There is no enmity among the parts of the human body. While the soul departs from this world, it leaves the whole body to the soil.

 Nevertheless, when it comes to society you could see competition, vengeance, anger.  The society is divided between the rich and the poor, the powerful and the weak, the beautiful and the ugly; the oppressors and the oppressed.  Everywhere there are negative thoughts.  Why is this division?  When can this state of affairs change?  It is a matter of fact tat everyone is having some kind of deficiency.  I wish to ask you the question whether in this world there is anyone who is cent percent perfect. When it is the fact that no one is perfect, why one is not accepting and adopting the others in the society?  When a human body as a whole adapts to the deficiency and weakness of any one of its parts, why doesn’t the society?  The life one had completed cannot be brought back at any cost.  One should understand this fact and try to live in the future with more compassion and love.  The compassion towards fellow humans should rise in every heart and it should instigate the intuition adjust and adapt to the needs of social riving, education, religion and peaceful presentation of issues must refine the man in to a livable and lovable social being.  Let the past be buried I welcome you one and all to come and join me to start a new beginning with an understanding of Trikarana Transcendental Meditation (TTM).

 A true and sincere faith in TTM to control body soul and mind through a simple and regular practice of yoga or physical exercise, breathe exercise and meditation respectively would definitely lift you all to the expected level.  Worldly motives seem paltry and fade away an earnest and ceaseless activity involving sacrifice would en-lope you.  In this earth, we could see death and life; decay and growth, Corruption and purification jostle together at every point of time.  In this paradox the human mind need to shed its stress to find the peace.

Therefore, I once again inviting you all to join me share the beautiful moments that I had experienced twenty five years ago and enjoy the life gifted by the ALMIGHTY.  The fact that the stress dominated world a blend of TTM is a must for the suffering masses has to be propagated.  This is the sole purpose of the meetings, pamphlets and the advertisement materials, seminars, joint meetings and addresses I am resorting. We are going to live in the earth only once as human beings, let the world remember us tomorrow for the good deeds of us today.   
















* One day awakening Course (Preferably in the week-end, either Friday or Saturday)

* Three days regular Course (Preferably in the middle of the week, either Wednesday or Thursday)








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