I wish to draw your awareness to the nature around in.  It is not only beautiful but also perplexing.  Unimaginable universe, unexplainable reason for the cause of its creation, the endless space, the containable sea, the life carrying air, the fertile soil are there  even after millions of years.  You must understand that the human body is also consisting of air, water and various chemicals we found in the soil.  The human body is a wonderful and mystic formation.  Each of the parts of the body is unique and unparallel.  Even the best form of science today cannot make a replica.  What I want you to understand here is the five elements of the earth alone is inculcated in to the human body and therefore there are not only similarities in both nature and human body but also performance parameters that are to be looked in to and taken care of.

Oxygen is the prime factor in the life of human race.  The human energy his mental peace, his performance are all governed by the intake of oxygen; my concept of TTM is about synchronization of the body, soul and mind. If we can place them in correlated position, there could not be any confusion and lack of clarity in the life.  In this context, I wish to bring in a small travel along the human body itself to understand things better.

HUMAN BODY:  The human body consists of a number of interacting ‘systems’.  The skeleton forms a rigid framework, which, attached to the muscles, facilitates movement initiated by the nervous system – responsible for the body’s reaction to stimuli.  Hormones, produced by the endocrine system, control many functions, including growth and developmental changes such as puberty.  The cardiovascular system circulates blood around the body, delivering oxygen and nutrients and collecting carbon dioxide and waste, while the respiratory system exchanges carbon dioxide for inhaled oxygen.  The lymphatic system fights infection.  The digestive system derives energy and nutrients for growth and repair from food, and with the urinary system eliminates waste; the urinary system also helps to regulate chemicals in the body.  The reproductive system is concerned with producing offspring.

This being the fact, is it not our bound and duty to preserve it and attain the salvation?  If one could understand the basic values and the TTM he could live in the perfect JOY. 

In the Hindu philosophy the seven organs of the endocrine system viz. Pineal body, Pituitary gland, Thyroid gland & Parathyroid gland, Thymus, Adrenal, Liver & Pancreas and Kidney & Reproductive organs are classified as the core points of the seven chakras attain salvation. For now, I would like to synchronize this in a scientific manner what I have placed before to the expected level of knowledge imparted in to you.

MULADHARA:  This chakra is located at the bottom end of the spinal card just two fingers above the anus and two fingers below the reproductive organs.  It is the root of the very life.  This chakra is the very base for the whole human body Meta mephitis.  It controls the Adrenal glands and kidney and their proper functioning.  If this chakra is activated with proper supervision you could escape from the adverse effect of the failure of this organ.
SVADHISTHANA:  This chakra lies just below the navel point.  The sexual attraction are emanated and controlled by this chakra. Testicles, ovaries are under this control.  It has got the power of knowing things beyond the five senses.  The man’s EGO’s birth place emanates only from here.

















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