We are told that in the Milky Way, there are millions of stars and there are ever so many sun families.  Western astronomy placed on record with regard to its numbers also, but who is there to verify all these? However, we will just understand the universe first in which we live.  There is a Sun and around this Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Xenia are traveling in the space in a certain prefixed circle.  The earth in which we are living is the third planet of the solar system.  It weighs 59,72,000 crore tones and its circumference covers 40,075 km.  It is located 14,95,97,000 km away from the sum.  The earth circles itself at a speed of 1,670 km/h and it took 23 hours 56 minutes 04.09053 seconds to complete one full circle.  By this time it travels 40,075 km on its path which we call as a DAY, besides it floats around the sun at a speed of 1,07,870 km/h by this ratio in a single day it covers 25,41,450 km and in 365.2564 days completes 940 million km we term this  a year. In addition to that you would be astonished to know that in the above process sun’s peripheral atmosphere wind flows 400 km/second which accounts for 14,40,000 km/h. What the beauty in it is not only the planetary system travels in the space but also the human beings, all the living creations are all traveling such a long distance throughout the lifespan along with the earth. However, we, as we are standing, walking, swimming in the earth could not feel the happenings in the universe.

        The moon, which is a natural satellite to the earth, we see in the sky is encircling the earth in 28 days.  It weighs 735,000 million tones and its circumference covers 10,919 km.  It is located 4,07,000 km away from the earth.  This sun family is said to have 144 moons viz.  Mercury and Venus have no moons, Earth 01 moon, Mars 02 moons, Jupiter 63 moons, Saturn 34 moons, Uranus 27 moons, Neptune 13 moons, Pluto 03 moons and Xenia 01 moon, besides countless comets, asteroids and meteoroids are there.  All these are encircling the sun.  Likewise, we can say plentiful about the sun family and the universe endlessly.  However, we cannot just imagine the entirety of the cosmos with the facts just emerging from the sun family known to our eyes and knowledge.  So, I leave the rest of the depth about the cosmos to your imagination..!













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