In human life, one should understand that the body is consisting of air, water and various chemicals we found in the soil.  The human body is a wonderful and mystic formation.  Each of the parts of the body is unique and unparallel.  Even the best form of science today cannot make a replica.  What I want you to understand here is the five elements of the earth alone is inculcated in to the human body and therefore there are not only similarities in both but also performance parameters that are to be looked in to and taken care of.

Oxygen is the prime factor in the life of human race.  The human energy, his mental peace, his performance are all governed by the intake of oxygen; my concept of TTM is about synchronization of the body, soul and mind. If we can place them in a correlated position there could not be any confusion and lack of clarity in the life.  In this context I wish to bring in a small travel about Yoga or Physical exercise, Breathing exercise and Meditation to understand things better. 


YOGA:  The founding father of this system of YOGA is PATANJALI RISHI.  He alone codified the various practices and postures that were prevalent prior to him in to a set of ‘ASANAS’.  His attempt is to convergent the wandering mind, to a single perspective to the benefit of mankind.  The mankind is divided in to three broad categories.


Thamas:   People who are preoccupied by emotion of anger, ignorance, lust and evil thought

Rajo:   People, who are functional bodily powerful, agitate and governed by mind to rule others

Sathvika:  People who are associated with education, religions, calmness, secular and above board in every respect.

In this modern science, psychotherapy is the alternative for yoga in order to rise from one category to the stage of salvation. In this world, all the physical problems and allied mental ailments could be cured either by yoga technique or through physical exercise.  I advocate that every human being should cultivate the habit of doing few ‘ASANAS’ for 10 to 15 minutes or a simple physical exercise at least for 30 minutes daily.  I am not accepting the words of those who say that they had no time to spare amid busy schedule of their multi various responsibilities. I equate them to ‘BEAUTIFUL SPECTACLES BEHIND WHICH THERE IS NO EYE’.  There is a proverb in Tamil saying:-

                                ‘KAN KETTA BIN SURIA NAMASKARAM’
I wish that my beloved human beings should not cry like this after attaining the stage of no salvation.

BREATH EXERCISE:  Breath exercise is nothing but Pranayama.  Even a layman would understand only as long as one breath he would be considered as a human being; he will have a name otherwise the body would be termed as a corpse and considered as a thing.  Inhaling air in to the lungs and absorbed the oxygen in the air to clean the blood and boost up energy within the body and the waste viz., the carbon dioxide exhaled.  It was evaluated that a man in an average inhales 6 liters of air in a minute and 8,640 liters in a day. I advocate that everyone should do the breathing exercise for 10 to 15 minutes before meditation regularly. If one can control the breathing in tune to the set of rules then the entire body would be under his command.















* One day awakening Course (Preferably in the week-end, either Friday or Saturday)

* Three days regular Course (Preferably in the middle of the week, either Wednesday or Thursday)








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