There are ever so many mysteries around us and one such thing is about the creation of this cosmos.  As far as the inventions so far made we could assume that human race is living only in the earth among the planetary system in the sun family about which are aware.  The almighty had created this world; all the vegetation and animals; and had created “man”.  After making him from out of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being.  The ‘Bible’ vividly explains the creation in its lengthy passage about evolution.  The woman folk was created from out of man by the Almighty himself.  During this process, the first man was put into deep sleep; in this context, I wish to place on record that this deep sleep is nothing but an equivalent to the TTM. It is believed by the one sect that after consuming the fruits of the forbidden tree the human soul begin to function independently.  When he began to assimilate the information before him he feared with nature’s fury and then started worshiping the nature.

        Man started to worship fire, rain, sun and every power that he had confronted.  He depicted GOD in the form of the furious animals ‘He’ feared.  With evolution, he started to find out ways and means to control and contain the nature.  In the process he began to communicate his feelings to the other human folk with sound and then born the language.  Humanity then projected the sound with rhythm to address the GOD and mantras and Vedas were born.  In the evolution process there are ever so many stages and improvements, rituals are vary from time to time as human race begin to live in groups near the river as water happened to be the main source of livelihood.  Man began to go in to the next process of evolution as his basic needs of food, shelter and security are taken care of by mother earth.  It is in this time various kinds of worship began to form, each group of the human race living in the various parts of the vast world began to practice the worship conducive to the atmosphere in which they were accommodated.  India, the land of Indus is the fountainhead of so many religions as education was accessible to the Indian civilization.  Guru’s and Rishies of the yester years passed on their knowledge to follow citizens orally as there was no formation of letters or paper and pen..!  Recitation of the Vedas and mantras, and recording them in the mind alone was considered as education in those days.  Refinement of the methods of worship and enlightenment of knowledge led to the birth of Buddhism and Jainism in India.  Pataliputra and Nalanda are the centers of the education in those days equivalent to the Cambridge and Oxford of the present days.











* One day awakening Course (Preferably in the week-end, either Friday or Saturday)

* Three days regular Course (Preferably in the middle of the week, either Wednesday or Thursday)








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