I wish to draw your awareness to the nature around in.  It is not only beautiful but also perplexing.  Unimaginable universe, unexplainable reason for the cause of its creation, the endless space, the containable sea, the life carrying air, the fertile soil are there  even after millions of years.  You must also understand that the human body is also consisting of air, water and various chemicals we found in the soil.  The human body is also a wonderful and mystic formation.  Each of the parts of the body is unique and unparallel.  Even the best form of science today cannot make a replica.  What I want you to understand here is the five elements of the earth alone is inculcated in to the human body and therefore there are not only similarities in both nature and human body but also performance parameters that are to be looked in to and taken care of.


Oxygen is the prime factor in the life of human race.  The human energy his mental peace, his performance are all governed by the intake of oxygen; my concept of TTM is about synchronization of the body, soul and mind. If we can place them in correlated position there could not be any confusion and lack of clarity in the life.  In this context I wish to bring in a small travel along the human body itself to understand things better.

SKETETON: The outer frame, this alone gives shape to the human body.  There are 206 bones in a human body one body contain 60 bones in two hands and 58 bones in the two legs.  Other bones are there in the head and the body of human.  These bones along with flesh intervened with nerves that were controlled by the brain which is the super computer function while living.

ENDOCRINE SYSTEM:  There are seven endocrine segregating organs in the human body.  They are the catalyzing and energy booster to clean the blood and give life to the human cells;

1) Pineal body; 2) Pituitary gland; 3) Thyroid & Parathyroid; 4) Thymus; 5) Adrenal; 6) Liver & pancreas 7) Kidney & Reproductive Organs.

The functions of these organs are controlled by brain through complicated nerves system.  One could not only understand but also feel flat if told that the nerves system in human body got 1.3 million crore cells which carry order at a speed of 290 km/h.

CARDIOVASCULAR SYSTEM:   This system comprises of plasmas and red and white corpus cells.  There will be 5 liters of blood in an average human body.  The oxygen brought in by the respiratory system carried by the blood to heart and converted in to energy for the functioning of human body and the burnt out carbon dioxide released to be thrown out during exhalation.  The heart which is the center of this cardiovascular system beats 72 times in a minute and 1,03,683 times a day.  The blood in human body contain 3000 crore red corpus cells and in a day the pumping of blood travels 1 lakh km which is equivalent to encircle this whole world 2 ½ times.

RESPERATORY SYSTEM:  Nose and lungs are the respiratory organs in the human body.  This system alone gives the human body the required lifeline.  The air we inhale is taken to the two lungs that got 400 million small air sacs where oxygen is separated and pumped in to the blood and the burnt out carbon dioxide is absorbed to throw through the exhaled air.  The average person breathes 16 – 20 times a minute and intake 8640 liters of air in a single day.  The regulation of the respiratory system is the prime and vital factor in the study of Yoga, Pranayama and meditation. 












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