The Almighty; whatever be the name by who HE is called is the creator of this universe.  We know little about the other planets.  As for as, this earth is concerned it consists of soil, air, water, fire and space.  The Almighty created this world by combining the segments, made the human race out of those five segments, and blow the air of life to him.  To have companion to men HE also created woman in this world and from that day, the humankind is ever expanding.

        What the pity in it is, that the Almighty, who had given the entire world and its natural beauties to humankind free, but men made boundaries in the soil and the land, which he had obtained free, becomes a source of profit.  Ever so many wars fought in this world are for the land and its natural resources.  No one in the humankind is mindful to think that the Almighty created everything for the betterment of the society and had given for no cost.

        The science and the technology that had grown in monstrous proportion could not find the life air blows by the Almighty to the 1st man.  The science understand the conceive out of a baby its growth inside woman for 280 days and even predict the time of birth, if not able to bring out the child through operation; but cannot explain the fact that the man of flesh and bone begin to breath only after it enters in to this world.  The air contains the life and that life is the creation of Almighty.  The evolution of the growth of a baby inside a woman from out of the blood and flesh of her could not earn the life there.  The new born begin its life only in this earth created by the Almighty all for all the mankind.

        In these circumstances can it be proper to claim that his or her father and mother own the baby.  They are merely partners in the formation of providing a human body.  In fact, the child that comes to this world cannot be restricted as a member to a particular family belonging to the street, village, district, state or the country in which he or she had the birth.  The child belongs to the human race and belongs to the world, which was created by the ALMIGHTY for such human years ago.

        When this man or woman belongs to the entire world why there is conflict of interest in every respect on every day.  To come out of this ignorance one has to open their eyes and heart together.  Compassion is not a miracle word but can create miracles by kindling the same among the human.

        The Trikarana Transcendental Meditation a combination of body soul and mind is a perfect blend to planet compassion in the minds of the human race.  Yoga or physical exercise, Breath exercise and Meditation are the three ingredients in this process and you have to experience yourself to undergo the pleasure and unexplainable happiness.

        Fellow human; please try to understand the core problems of life; it is not the victory or success, it is not the wealth and its possession, it is also not the beauty and power that is going to give you peace.














* One day awakening Course (Preferably in the week-end, either Friday or Saturday)

* Three days regular Course (Preferably in the middle of the week, either Wednesday or Thursday)








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