The ALMIGHTY is the unexplainable energy that governs us and the core quest that cannot be answered. I wish to state that we call HIM as GOD, LORD, SHIVA, VISHNU, besides JESUS and ALLAH just as we have names for our various relatives in this earth as mother, father, brother, sister and uncle etc.  All are human but we have so many relative terms to identify them.  Further, I wish to state that one single person is known as son, father, brother, uncle and grandson to different persons.  Similarly, the same ALMIGHTY is known to various sections of the society as SHIVA, VISHNU, JESUS and ALLAH etc. Whatever be the relationship by which he is known to his different relatives, the person remains the same; likewise the unexplainable and imponderable source of energy is always the ALMIGHTY regardless of different names by which he is known by different people.  

 Let me give an example to elucidate the issue further. Ears, eyes, hands, legs, head and all the parts of the body cannot function independently as they are all inter-dependent and the whole body alone could be termed as human being. Likewise, in the process of evolution, men once worshiped the nature, which they feared; subsequently after acquiring information and knowledge, they visualized a personal God, ‘ALMIGHTY’ that is present anytime everywhere; but the central idea has always been the same regardless of the name by which the human beings called that unknown truth at different times and at different places.

 The God men and spiritual Gurus, who sprang time to time performed certain miracles and attracted group of men and women to setup their own sects.  Those are momentary that would vanish with the passage of time.  The only time-tested philosophy is that there is only ONE GOD.  The human race could flourish and find peace only if they understand this truth and disassociate with ‘EGO’ and meaningless conflicts on the claims that one’s God is superior to that of others.  Causing injury to the other religion or other sect of people is not going to bring in peace to one self.  Success in life and in attainment of peace could be possible only if our minds are clear and unpolluted to understand compassion and clarity.  This is the only way we could prosper with the rest of the world along with our beloved human beings.












* One day awakening Course (Preferably in the week-end, either Friday or Saturday)

* Three days regular Course (Preferably in the middle of the week, either Wednesday or Thursday)








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