YOGI SRIJI is an enlightened Spiritual Leader. Founder of Trikarana Yoga Charitable Trust registered under the Charitable and Religious Trust Act 1920 in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India. It is a non-profitable social organization. He propagates his philosophy ‘Yoga of Life’ in a new dimension viz. ‘Trikarana Transcendental Meditation’ (TTM) under a popular title ‘Nimmathi Unkaiyil’ i.e. Peace in Your Hand. It is a spiritual science. He perfectly designed this and advocating how to control and balance the threefold unity of body, mind, and soul i.e. BMS of the human kind through a simple scientific technique. It transcends racial, religious, linguistic, and national boundaries based upon time tested scientific laws of nature, governing the whole universe.

YOGI SRIJI was born, as Ganesan Kuttiappan in the year 1950 in an agricultural family in the erstwhile Coimbatore District, is a post-graduate. He joined the Tamil Nadu Government Service and after a long distinguished service in the department of Commercial Taxes, he retired as Deputy Commissioner. In the meanwhile, having spent more than 25 years of intense spiritual life, he achieved self-realization at the age of 47 and realized that science and spirituality are the same, because science is an experiment and spirituality is an experience on belief. With his relentless search, he was very fortunate to be blessed with a miraculous divine darshan from the Almighty in the year 1997. In as much as the almighty is the Guru of all gurus, with His blessings he advocated his innovation in scientific manner for the peace and well-beings of all sections of people across the globe. Yogi Sriji has dedicated his life in helping people to attain perfect physical health, profound mental peace, vital soul strength, joy, and success in all spheres of human endeavors. However, he remains a ‘householder’, i.e. he has not broken his family ties, nor renounced the world, but rather lives a life of true detachment devoid of exhibitionism, maintaining family ties and performing his Karma with the insight of a Gnana Yogi.

Based on his knowledge of the origin and functions of the cosmos and all the aspects of life as revealed to his inner vision by the Almighty Yogi Sriji has written an excellent book in Tamil under the title “A wonder in science” in the year 2010. Then he extracted the essence of the Tamil book and presented it in English under the title “Wisdom Light” on 2014 to facilitate each and everyone to attain bliss and wisdom in this world everlastingly.




















* One day awakening Course (Preferably in the week-end, either Friday or Saturday)

* Three days regular Course (Preferably in the middle of the week, either Wednesday or Thursday)








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