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This is a Web Site launched by Trikarana Yoga Charitable Trust. Yogi Sriji is the founder leader of the Trust. This propagates Trikarana Transcendental Meditation (TTM), under a popular title ' Nimmathi Un Kaiyil ', a simple scientific technique invented and perfected by him that enables a human being to control his Body, Soul and Mind and attain bliss and wisdom. Transcending racial, religious, linguistic and national boundaries, it bases itself upon time tested scientific laws of nature governing the whole universe. His philosophy is unique in the sense that it beautifully blends two apparently irreconcilable entities i.e. Science and spirituality. With the blessings of Almighty, he has been preaching his new invention for the peace and well-beings of all sections of people across the globe.  This invention has nothing to do with race, language, caste, creed or religion. Please lend your time, ears, eyes, mind and soul for a while to this greatest revelation of our times, understand its significance, and enjoy its real benefits and eternal blessings by sharing the unique experiences of a Living Saint. All are welcome to visit this exquisite site and reap the invaluable benefits it offers without any limit. 



1. Nimmathi Un Kaiyil is a Tamil Phrase, means Peace in Your Hand.        

2. Trikarana is a Tamil word, implies Trinity, a threefold unity of body, soul and mind.
3. Transcendental Meditation is a method of detaching oneself from problems, anxiety, etc., by silent meditation and repetition of a mantra.
4. On the whole it is a simple scientific technique of blending body, soul and mind of mankind.

The Benefits are boundless...!
To say few..!!

1. Your intuition would be kindled
2. You can experience awakening
3. Self confidence would be built up
4. Performance parameter would rise
5. Inferiority complex would vanish
6. Your mind would be in full alert
7. Fear of failure would Go
8. You could lose your extra weight
9.Your stress and strain would remove
10. Spreads compassion and helps in attainment of world peace
11.You would taste the bliss which could enhance your soul power and ultimately you would be in perfect peace..!










* One day awakening Course (Preferably in the week-end, either Friday or Saturday)

* Three days regular Course (Preferably in the middle of the week, either Wednesday or Thursday)






Dear brothers and sisters and all my beloved youngsters, please accept the pranams of YOGI SRIJI with Love and Good wishes to every one of you.








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